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Can I Modify My Lease Vehicle?


This is a question I am asked A LOT in my line of work, so I thought I'd answer it in the form of a blog, and hopefully clarify what you can, and can't do.

I deal with lots of new cars being arranged on business lease, and it's natural for the new owners to want to modify the vehicle in some way, often adding vehicle graphics to make their brand noticeable (I know some great local businesses who do this if you're considering it for your own vehicle). The good news is that this is fine – tint the windows (within legal limits!), wrap the car/van, no problem. But, you will need to remove the wrap/tints before the end of your lease, before the vehicle gets picked up. Mostly, these are easy to remove and don't cause any damage to the paintwork, so you don't have that additional headache. You can usually arrange this with the sign writers that applied them for you.

If you want to change the wheels – perhaps some super sleek alloys are more your style than the standard wheels that came with the vehicle, then that's fine – change them, but remember to change them back before the vehicle is returned.

However, if you're considering having the engine remapped, or find another way to enhance the performance of your vehicle, then this is not recommended – not even if you get it reset before you hand it back. This is more because of the risk of invalidating your manufacturer warranty than the terms of the lease. If you modify the engine or mechanics of the vehicle in any way, and this causes a fault, the manufacturer will not repair the vehicle under warranty. I am happy to clarify this with you if you are unsure on your own vehicle.

If your vehicle is not on a business lease, but a personal one, then the same rules apply to you – cosmetic changes can be made if they are reversed before the vehicle is returned. So if you need to add a tow bar for the family holidays, then you can do. I always recommend a proper installer, and to install in a way that is not damaging to any body work, as you would also need to replace any panels affected. If you tell us about a possible tow bar fitting at the point of ordering your new car from me, let me know – often we can arrange for it to be fitted before the vehicle is delivered to you, saving you time and some aggravation!

Installing a dash cam is also fine, but if you are chasing the cabling underneath the lining of the car, be careful not to damage it, as this will not be considered acceptable wear and tear at the end of your lease period.

Remember , damage at the end of the lease period that is not considered acceptable wear and tear, ill be charged for, so this is always worth remembering when using your vehicle. We do accept that over the lease period, the vehicle will be used, and we don't expect a pristine car to be returned, although that would be nice! We have a standard guide for wear and tear which can be supplied  to you along with your new car.

As always, if you're in doubt about what you can or can't do to your car, then give me a call, I'm happy to talk you through the options.

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Thursday, 23 January 2020