How To Prepare Your Car For Summer

Get your vehicle ready for the summer heat with these short and easy tips from us.

1. Keep your car waxed

Waxing your car will help protect your paint from the damaging sun. Think of it as your vehicle’s very own SP Factor 50. Also try to keep your vehicle parked in the shade out of direct sunlight,  specially if you have leather seats as it won’t be very pleasant when you get back into your vehicle!

2. Stay cool

It’s very crucial to have a working cooling and air conditioning system, especially during summer. Make sure to check your cooling system is sufficiently topped up with the accurate amount of  coolant and water and any air vents are clear from dirt and grime as blockages in the air flow of your car could cause your vehicle to overheat. If you’re concerned your air conditioning system isn’t  working as well as it could be or if it’s been a few years since you last had it checked out, it may be worth getting it recharged and ready for summer. You should be replacing your air filters  regularly. Not only will this allow your air conditioning system to work efficiently but it will improve the air quality inside of your car keeping it fresh and cool at all times. This is a must for anyone who suffers from hay-fever. It’s worth contacting your garage to have it checked. Also buying washable or reusable air filters will save you money in the long run.

3. Have your battery tested

There’s nothing worse than your battery going dead on you in the middle of a journey and with the heat levels rising. To prevent any breakdowns and for added peace of mind, stop by your local garage to have it tested.

4. Check your tyres

Tyre pressure tends to rise and fall to mirror the changes in temperature hence why you may want to make a habit of changing the tyre pressure. This can happen over a period of a week, a day or simply overnight. Assessing your tyre pressure doesn’t take long and it prevents your tyres from wearing unevenly and becoming less fuel-efficient.

5. Change your oils more frequently

Driving in warmer months can take its toll on your car as driving may become more difficult, putting unnecessary strain on your engine. To be sure your vehicle is well lubricated and not being burdened by the sun, you should check your oil levels regularly (this is especially important for older vehicles). Heat causes oil to thin, so during the summer months, a thicker option is required. Heavier oils better compensate for internal engine wear, so keep some extra oil in the boot of your car at all times.

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